This site is for you if…

  • You’re an aspiring illustrator looking to get started professionally.
  • You’re a professional illustrator whose career has stalled.
  • You’re an illustrator whose business isn’t where you want it to be.
  • You’re a former illustrator wanting to get back into the industry.
  • You’re a creative person wanting to make some income from your creative skills.

Why zero 2 illo?

Jonathan initially started zero2illo to chart his progress moving from a career as a graphic designer to a full time, professional illustrator.

He’s fortunate to have been in the creative industry all his working life but after 12+ years of false starts and never really getting going, at the grand ‘old’ age of 35, he finally decided to make the leap to his dream career as an illustrator.

He started zero2illo to serve as a place to record the ups and downs on his journey and as a forum to share his experiences, learnings and mistakes – in the hope that it would provide inspiration and practical guidance to others on how to become a professional Illustrator.

Along the way, it’s grown into a supportive, active community of creative professionals who freely share their knowledge and experience with everyone else.

The ultimate purpose of zero2illo? To enable and empower illustrators to power up their illustration career and build the business they’ve always wanted to run.

Who Is Behind This Site?

woodward-zero2illoI’m Jonathan, the professional illustrator. My wife Lea is the business brains and driving force behind many of our projects, including this one – and Mali and Samson are the ones who motivates us both!

I’m a professional Graphic Designer (for over 10 years now), Illustrator and Creative Entrepreneur. I run Inspiring Ventures alongside, Lea, who is a serial entrepreneur and business strategist.

We’re Location Independent although with little ones in tow, we’re no longer nomadic and now have a base in the East Midlands (UK).

If you’d like to connect with either of us personally, we can usually be found on Twitter @jonwoodward or @leawoodward. Feel free to say “hi”!

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